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Capital Church is a faith-community devoted to following Jesus and making Him famous throughout New York's Capital Region. This podcast contains weekly sermons from our Lead Pastor, David Mazzella.

Feb 16, 2020

If you’re leading alone - in any capacity (e.g., parenting, managing, pastoring, etc.) - you’re bound to find yourself frustrated and failing at it.  The very first Christians discovered the secret-sauce to success in every sector of life. Join us Sunday as Pastor David unpacks how they learned...

Jan 5, 2020

Will the resolutions you make this year matter? Will they lead to real life-renovation? Join us as we look at what God has to say about the importance of resolving with the right priorities - and learn how you can expand your spiritual capacity in twenty-twenty.

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Dec 29, 2019

Join us as Pastor Dave brings us the final sermon of the year!

Dec 24, 2019

Join us as Pastor David concludes the Searching for Peace series on Christmas Eve! 


Dec 22, 2019

Got life under control? What happens to your inner peace when something or someone threatens that control? Join us as we look at the first Christmas from King Herod's perspective and learn how to find real and lasting peace on earth, even amidst the disruption of letting go.

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