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Capital Church is a faith-community devoted to following Jesus and making Him famous throughout New York's Capital Region. This podcast contains weekly sermons from our Lead Pastor, Dr Jason Karampatsos.

Jun 24, 2018

God created you to flourish in every part of your life. And He's got a plan to get you there. The Good News of the Christian message tells us that God created humankind to bear His image and to flourish on the part empowered to do life.

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[ A study from the Gospel...

Jun 17, 2018

We can't force our kids to take on our faith. But we can build into our lives a compelling picture of faith for our kids to see. We can have a legendary influence in their lives.

Jun 10, 2018

Jesus claimed to be "the Life." He also claimed, "whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these." That sparks our interest. We all want to do great things with our lives. But it raises questions too. Like... what "things" that Jesus did will we be able to do?...

Jun 3, 2018

If we don't know the truth about God, we can't know what's true about ourselves or each other or life itself. We can only know what the group thinks. And what each subgroup thinks. But we can't know what is true. And if we can't know what's true, we can't know whether or not we're living the right way, making the...