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Capital Church is a faith-community devoted to following Jesus and making Him famous throughout New York's Capital Region. This podcast contains weekly sermons from our Lead Pastor, Dr Jason Karampatsos.

Jan 26, 2020

The most difficult part of maintaining big life-changes is when you don’t see the results you’re expecting. Many slack off there. But a little slack can bring you way back. Join us as we see what God says is the key to making “this day forward” better than yesterday.

Jan 19, 2020

Ever fall into the comparison trap: you look around and it brings you down? You look back and see all that you still lack? Join us as we look at God’s promise to those who are less-than-impressed with their own progress.

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Jan 12, 2020

It’s easy to make resolutions that will renovate your life; it’s difficult to keep up with them. Join us as we look at what God has given you to help you build the full life you were created to live.

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Jan 5, 2020

Will the resolutions you make this year matter? Will they lead to real life-renovation? Join us as we look at what God has to say about the importance of resolving with the right priorities - and learn how you can expand your spiritual capacity in twenty-twenty.

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