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Capital Church is a faith-community devoted to following Jesus and making Him famous throughout New York's Capital Region. This podcast contains weekly sermons from our Lead Pastor, Dr Jason Karampatsos.

Jan 29, 2017

When people saw Jesus’ miracles, they were ready to sign up for Team Jesus.  But people’s hearts are fickle - and Jesus knew it.  He knew that revolutions a process.   Especially personal ones.  Pastor David talks about Jesus’ vision for a “better you” and the miraculous process that enables that...

Jan 22, 2017

Jesus gave his followers a new vision of a better religion than the one they knew. Some caught the vision he cast and took table-flipping steps toward it.  Others despised it and remained unmoved.  Pastor David talks about Jesus’ “upsetting day at church” and how it reveals the difference between good steps and...

Jan 15, 2017

Revolutions begin with a new vision, but they only take shape when people take steps.  Pastor David talks about how the odd story of Jesus’ foray into wine-making  points to the “better life” He envisions for His followers and the steps He invites us to take.


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